Disgusting Woman Pees on the American Flag

On Independence Day a woman from Pennsylvania uploaded a video of herself peeing on the American Flag. The woman goes by “Emily Lance” on social media, but I believe her real name is Emily Laincz.

According to reports she wrote:

F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag.” 

Obviously this stupid little girl is desperate for attention. In fact, she craves it so much that she’s willing to show the world just how disrespectful and trashy she is. I am sure she will come to regret this, as she’s not going to receive the type of attention she expected. But instead, she has pissed off many Patriots around the world. Shortly after uploading the video Emily started receiving messages from unhappy Patriots.  Her Facebook was later deleted. Don’t worry though, I found a some of Emily’s social media accounts and listed them here.



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