Idiot Who Burned the American Flag is at it Again

Facebook/Bryton Mellott
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Facebook/Bryton Mellott

Some of you may remember last Independence Day when a pathetic little punk posted a photo of himself burning the American Flag. Bryton Mellott of Urbana Illinois, posted a photo of himself with pretty lil’ flowers on his head, wearing what looked like his mothers shirt as he burned our American Flag. Understandably Patriots everywhere were outraged. Mellott was arrested within hours but no charges were filed. Why? I don’t know. But obviously he should have been punished, because the punk hasn’t learned his lesson and he’s at it again.

Today, I curiously went to Bryton’s Facebook page, and sure enough there’s another photo of him burning the American Flag! And this time his friends joined in. Not only are they burning Flags in the photo, but there’s some type of Trump doll with his mouth duct taped and an object through his chest along with fake blood. Shouldn’t this be considered a threat to our President? I would think so.

Along with burning Flags and threatening our President on social media, Bryton also disrespects police offers, and has said he was going to purposely start a wreck because someone had an American Flag on their vehicle.

He posted to Facebook:

“Saw an American Flag/Confederate Flag hybrid flying from the back of some dudes pickup SOS send help I’m about to cause a wreck.”

In another post Bryton said:

“Fun fact: Police are not people and do not deserve your sympathy or respect”

In another post Bryton seemed happy about the 10 Commandments monument that was  drove over and crushed in Arkansas.

He shared a post about it on Facebook and added:

“Pride reacts only smash that mf”

According to Bryton’s Facebook he works at Walmart. Maybe his boss would like to know how dangerous one of their employees is. If he’s willing to start a wreck over an American Flag, what would he do to a customer wearing a Flag shirt?

Maybe this year Bryton will do some jail time for not only burning the American Flag but for threatening our President as well. Remember Bryton, Obama isn’t President anymore. Hopefully you get the attention you’re looking for, in jail.



Photo from last year:

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