James O’Keefe To Release Jaw Dropping Video Tomorrow! Checkmate CNN!!

Image Credit: Ayush
Image Credit: Ayush

James O’Keefe to release 3rd video in the American Pravda Investigation tomorrow. As many of you know, Project Veritas has undercover journalist in CNN newsrooms capturing their lies on video.

Earlier this week Jame O’Keefe announced the releasing of videos this week. So far two videos of CNN’s corruption have been released. In the first video, John Bonifield, a CNN journalist admits the Russia story is bulls**t. In the second video, Van Jones admits the Russia story is “a nothing burger.” But this isn’t it, there’s more videos on the way.

James O’Keefe sent an email to his supporters stating that tomorrow will be jaw dropping

“If John Bonifield didn’t convince you that CNN is intentionally publishing fake news, and if Van Jones didn’t convince you either… well, your jaw is going to drop tomorrow.”

On Twitter James O’Keefe told his followers

“We’re very excited about the footage we will release tomorrow in the AM. It takes this to a new level. #Checkmate #AmericanPravda”

“Tomorrow bigger than Bonifield. I’m informing you so you can tune in so we the people can spread and make it count. Plan to launch 6 or 7am.”

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what Project Veritas exposes next! Maybe this will be the final nail in CNN’s coffin.

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