Man Sentenced To Over 8 Years For Shooting Robber

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Yesterday Min Sik Kim was sentenced to 100 months for shooting a robber in his store.

On March 25, 2016 Kim went outside to ask a group of people to stop loitering outside his store. When he returned inside he seen a man, later identified as Jakeel Rashon Mason attempting to steal cigarettes from behind the counter. The two men got in a scuffle, Kim said the man reached for his gun and Kim shot him. The man died before police arrived.

A month or two before this, the store was robbed while Kim’s wife was working. Kim’s wife was shot, but she was ok. She returned fire, and chased the thug off. Reports say the incidents are not related.

Mason has a prior criminal history, including burglary and attempting to kidnap a 6 year old.

During the sentencing the judge said he was taking into consideration that Kim has no criminal history, that his wife was shot prior to this, that he’s been cooperative and shows remorse…but yet he still sentenced Kim to over 8 years! I think this sentencing is ridiculous!

Kim has no prior criminal history, but Mason attempted to kidnap a child! Talk about the war on families! Here Kim is, a hard working, loving, family man who protected his property, his life and his family’s life’s. But yet he’s being ripped away from his family! A courtroom filled with family members and loved ones, devastated because they are losing a part of their family for 8 years. And for what? Because he protected himself and killed a man that attempted to rob his store and happened to be a child predator? I’d say give this man an award, not a jail sentence!

This is America, we have freedom, we have a 2nd amendment right, we have the right to defend ourselves! It’s a sad day when a man is convicted for doing just that.

I can only hope that President Trump hears about Kim’s story and pardons him. This man does not deserve to spend 8 years in prison. Send him home to his family.