Transgender Trump Supporter Has A Message For The LGBT Community

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Image Credit: Amber Cummings

Amber Cummings is a transgender woman who has fought non stop to defend America and other Patriots against communist thugs known as Antifa. Amber was one of the many Patriots on the front lines during The Battle of Berkeley on April 15th. Amber has spoke out, and spent many days protesting against Antifa. She has stood united with other Patriots at many events. And has also walked the streets alone, with her signs protesting Antifa. And now Amber is reaching out to the LGBT community. Awhile back Amber posted this message on Facebook:

“I am saddened by this and this goes out to my LGBT brothers and sisters. I get a lot of great work comments said to me by you guys. I get I wish I was as brave as you , etc, etc. I thank you for that but if you really want to thank me , stand with me.

I get it ,you feel alone and you feel not welcomed. However that is in your own head. Real Americans value ALL Americans , not just some. Most of the people at these events are interested in one thing, That is a UNIFIED America. Keep in mind people most of these people have been taught since children that it is wrong to be trans or gay , its not some hatred they have, a lot do not understand it.

It is conditioning by the elites to divide. Then we have the left making us look like utter freaks by showing the most extreme mentally ill cases of us. We need to change that narrative and show the people of America, we love our people and we love our nation. That does not mean we just love LGBT people , we love ALL our people.

I personally think it is beautiful thing to see families and communities thriving. I also am very supportive of the LGBT thriving as well, we are all beautiful. The thing I would love the most to see is if we all became one community and one America.

Stop allowing people to divide you and stand with America. If these people on the right are these huge bigots , then why do they treat me so well.Why do they allow me to stand in them. Do you think any KKK rally would allow me in the group? Do you think any neo nazi would allow me in the group? Use your heads people. Geez most of them are calling me a hero for God sakes, I do not think a bigot would be saying that.

You guys in the LGBT need to lighten up and stop worrying yourselves to death if someone approves of your lifestyle or not. As long as they do not infringe on your life and you do not infringe on theirs, we all should be good. Also I am not some sellout I do know a lot of dirty things are done to people like this, I get it. However you cannot blame every American for what some do, thats insane and that is being a real Nazi. Why not give people a change before you judge them? You do not want people judging you, yet you judge them right away , its insane.

I personally can care less if anyone approves or disapprove of what I am or what I do. However I find I am well liked and accepted among these patriots.

I am being honest when I tell you this, none of them ever bother me about being trans or bring it up.The left sure does though, they call me a man , traitor, attack me etc, This suppose to be the tolerant side right?

Now if I can walk out with the most alpha males known to mankind as a trans woman, you certainly can as well. You do not get it, most of these people want a unified America. It is your extreme left that wants to turn this beautiful nation into Mad Max Fury Road.

Stop being afraid and stand up for America. I am not worried about what God the person prays to standing next to me, what sexuality that person is, what color that person is next to me. I am concerned about defending America and that these people share those core values as well. I do not expect you guys to take the front lines like I do. However at least stand with us. I wanna see at least one of you come out, one.

I keep hearing how dangerous it is, You bet its dangerous. What is more dangerous is letting our nation fall and watching the world fall into darkness and tyranny. That is what scares me. So guys in black hoodies and masks are not my fear, my fear is what comes after them. This is a serious situation and they are using us people to keep the divide going. We all in America just want to live in peace with each other, that is it. Stop hiding and come out of the shadows.

I will never out you, I know who you are and you know who you are. Ill never out you , but I will say its very sad you came out of one closet to now be pushed into another one. No ones pushing me into a closet or forcing me to turn on my own American people and being a traitor to my people and my land. You guys need to understand LGBT is not a nation, its not a race, its simply a group of people. If your LGBT in America, your LGBT Americans not some other nation. Come out of the shadows and join me, join America.”

I would like to thank Amber for all she’s done for America, for our Patriot brothers and sisters, and for our futures. Thank you Amber!