Santa Clara Anti Sharia Law March


On June 10th Anti Sharia Law marches took place across America. If you are unfamiliar with what Sharia Law is, I suggest reading here. After reading that I’m sure you will understand why many Patriots are protesting against sharia law in America, and are trying to educate others on what it is.

One of the marches held in Santa Clara, CA. which has 15 mosques/Islamic centers had a turnout of about 100 Patriots. Patriots young and old gathered with handmade signs and flags to show their support for America, and our Constitution.  One little Patriot shouted “we love America! No Sharia Law.” It seems this little boy is more educated than some on the left.

I spoke to Cyndi Sheehan who was at the march. Cyndi said “this march wasn’t an anti muslim march, as some media outlets falsely reported. It is an anti sharia law march.  Sharia Law does not mix with our constitution or laws in the United States.” 

On the other side of the street protesters against the march filled the streets. Cyndi says there were probably about 1000 of them, from about 30 different groups. CAIR, Antifa, The Brown Berets, and even local Churches were protesting the anti Sharia Law march. It just baffles my mind that churches would protest this. But they were.

Some of the protesters attempted to blend in with the Patriot group, but quickly got spotted out. Others came over ready to taunt the Patriots, some with their chest puffed out or pretending they were going to hit. At one point an older women was pushed down by one of the masked thugs, who quickly ran back to the other side of the street after. It is clear once again, just like in Berkeley these people did not want peace. Thankfully police were present, and it did not get too out of hand and Patriots were able to have their event.

To everyone who attended the Anti Sharia Law marches last Saturday, THANK YOU! Thank you for speaking out and for educating others on the dangers of Sharia Law!

Photo Credit: Kira Formina

Photo Credit for above photos: Cyndi Sheehan

Photo credit for above photos: Thomas Marciano


Photo Credit for above photos: Cyndi Sheehan

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