Danney Williams Wishes Bill Clinton a Happy Fathers Day

Danney Williams, the alleged son of Bill Clinton wished his father a happy Father’s Day via Twitter. Danney posted to twitter “Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life. Happy Father’s Day .”  The tweet also had side by side photos of him and Bill. See below

A bit later Danney made another Father’s Day tweet which read “We can’t end Father’s Day without the truth” attached with a  photo of Danney next to Bill, and of Chelsea next to Webb Hubbell with the words “Happy Father’s Day!”

If you are unaware, MANY people (including myself) do not believe Chelsea is Clinton’s kid. Look at the resemblance between her and Hubbell. Do a google search. There’s many photos where they look alike.

I think it’s pretty damn sad that Clinton has taken care of someone who probably isn’t even his, but yet doesn’t even have the decency to give Danney a paternity test! Bill, this isn’t going away. This story is getting more and more attention. Soon there will not be one person who doesn’t know who Danney Williams CLINTON is. You might as well give him the paternity test!


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