Joy Villa Sings For Vice President

Joy Villa made it to the White House! If you don’t remember Joy Villa is the beautiful, talented singer who shocked Hollywood by wearing a Make America Great Again dress at the Grammys.

Joy Villa was recently invited to the White House where she got to meet Ivanka Trump and many others. Joy and Ivanka both posted photos to their social media accounts. And Joy uploaded a video to youtube speaking about the experience. (see below)

Not only did Joy get to meet Ivanka and others, but she also sang in front of Vice President Pence, and members of congress. Her song of choice was Amazing Grace.

Joy’s love for our President and for America is a beautiful thing. Though MANY of us feel the same as her, it is not often we see it expressed in Hollywood. I am thrilled that Joy Villa took a stand at the Grammys to express herself and to encourage others to do so. Thank you Joy, you are absolutely amazing!

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