Carter Just as Evil as Manson

On July 12th 2014 a young man by the name of Conrad Roy lost his life, after being pressured by his “friend,” to kill himself for weeks. 1000’s of texts show that Michelle Carter was determined for Conrad to kill himself. Many times, Conrad expressed second thoughts, or worried about his family. But every time, Michelle reassured him that killing himself was what he had to do. Why was Michelle doing this? Why did she want a person who she claimed to love dead?

From reading up on this case, and watching a lot of the trial online, it seems Carter was a very needy, attention seeking person. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought the world revolved around her. She would cry to friends about no one liking her, beg for friends to hang out with her, never understanding that people are busy, and can’t always hang out. It seems Michelle came up with a plan, get her boyfriend to kill himself, and everyone would feel sorry for her. She would be the “grieving girlfriend,” get attention, have friends and her life would be great in her eyes. Never thinking for a second about Conrad’s life.

Michelle didn’t only talk Conrad into taking his own life, but she also told him how, when and where to do it. At one point she suggested he hang himself, because his neck would snap instantly. But then she suggest he do it by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide. And that’s exactly what he did.

The day Conrad died, he had went to the beach with his mother and sister, and took his sisters out for ice cream after. During this time Michelle was texting him, asking when he was going to kill himself, demanding that it be soon. She told him to lie to his family, and say he was going to a friends house. Conrad told his sister goodbye, and left in his truck. He drove to an empty parking lot at Kmart. During the drive, Conrad and Michelle had been texting, and she had asked him if he had deleted all of their messages.

Conrad sat in his truck as it started to fill with carbon monoxide, but he had second thoughts and got out of the truck and called Carter. Carter told Conrad to “get back in the f***ing truck,” knowing it was filled with poison. Conrad got back in the truck, and died. Carter later told a friend that she heard Conrad scream in pain, and that she stayed on the phone for 20 minuets after. She knew he was dead, she listened to him die, but yet never once called for help or tried to save him.

After this she used his death for attention, and kept the texts a secret. Carter held a fundraiser for suicide awareness. She also posted on twitter about awareness, and claiming to love and miss Conrad. At one point, she even sent a text to a friend that read “lol I’m famous,” referring to all of the attention she had got from Conrad’s death. Carter even befriended Conrad’s family, without them knowing what she had done.

For those of you who say she is not at fault and should not be charged, do you also think Charles Manson should be released from prison? He didn’t actually kill anyone with his own hands either, right? How is it any different than what Carter did? Manson talked people into killing others, and Carter talked Conrad into killing himself. They’re both evil!

I posted a similar statement to Facebook, and it seems there’s many different opinions on this. Some tried to defend what Carter did under free speech. I am all for free speech, but this has nothing to do with free speech! And for those that feel it does, ok lets take the words out of it, should someone be punished for walking away from someone who is dying, without getting them help? Yes! Michelle Carter did not only pressure him to kill himself, tell him how, when, and where, but she was also on the phone with Conrad Roy as he was dying and did not do anything to help him! Also let me add that during the trial Carter showed no remorse for what she’s done. The only time I seen her cry, was when the guilty verdict was read. Not when they went over Conrad’s death, not when people were testifying, not when Conrad’s family members were crying their eyes out. Nope. Only when she heard “Guilty.”

On June 16th 2017 Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Sentencing will be held Aug. 3rd 2017. Carter faces anywhere from probation to 20 years. I personally hope Carter gets the max sentence, 20 years.

You can read the text messages here

You can watch the trail here

There is a Justice for Conrad page on Facebook here and a Facebook news page that covered the trial here (I do not know who runs these pages, but I wanted to add them in case anyone wants to like them or read more info.)

The verdict





8 thoughts on “Carter Just as Evil as Manson

  1. We are clearly on opposite sides of the political spectrum judging by the name of your blog. Despite this, I agree with everything you have written. I am a psychiatric nurse and I am trained to be empathetic to people with mental issues, regardless of how difficult some can be. When Conrad’s mental health challenges are obvious, it seems pretty clear cut to me that Michelle also had a disorder. I suspect she suffers from borderline personality disorder. While I believe her own head is likely a HELLISH place, prison is EXACTLY the right place for her. She clearly understood the consequences of her actions. Had she gotten by with it, I believe she would have looked for another opportunity to become the center of attention (once the attention from conrads death faded) and she would obtain this by doing something very similar to what she had done to Conrad, because it worked very well to her advantage this time. Thank goodness technology is able to show all of the texts she sent, despite them having been deleted.

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    1. Very well said. I am no psychiatric nurse or anything close, but I agree with you. If she would have gotten away with this, I believe she would do it again…And as far as the being on diff political sides, you know, I’m seeing a lot from both sides so upset about this story. I think this is something that has saddened us all, and most of us (no matter which side politically we’re on) agree Carter should be in prison. Thank your comment.


    2. I think this girl is evil how do you claim to love them but push them into killing themself? She should be made to do the same thing to herself that you pushed this young man to do. Jail is too good for her. Even if she does have some type of mental disorder she consciously pushed this boy to kill himself. She might as well of shot him herself. If she does not get a lot of jail time for this she will do it again. There are people in jail doing 5 years or more just for being in possession of stolen property so why should she get away with this?

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