Does James O’Keefe Have a Stalker?

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritats, has been receiving 100’s of unwanted phone calls for weeks. These calls are coming in non stop, within seconds of each other. Whenever he answers, the woman on the other end may say a word or two, but always hangs up after a few seconds. O’Keefe posted a video to social media to let America see for ourselves.

During the 10 min video O’keefe’s phone rings multiple times. In one of the calls O’Keefe asks the woman why she is calling, and she replies “What difference does it make?” O’Keefe asks the woman to stop calling, and informs her she’s being recorded and that she is harassing him. Of course, she hung up again.

In a few of the calls O’Keefe asked the lady if Bob Creamer or Ryan Clayton are behind the calls. As we all know, both these men are known for doing shady things to prevent people from exposing corruption. With 100’s of calls coming in within seconds of each other, O’Keefe is not able to make out going calls, making it hard to do business. I can see exactly why O’Keefe would wonder if Creamer or Clayton are behind this.

But then one more call came in. This time the call went a bit different. Instead of being a woman of few words (or staying silent) this crazy woman announced her love to O’keefe. Does James O’Keefe have a stalker? The woman claims that no one is behind the calls, and told O’Keefe,

“I saw you a year ago and I fell in love with you. I wasn’t asking you to marry me. I wasn’t asking you to father my kids. I was just keeping an eye on you. I didn’t want to see you get hurt again.”

Whoa! I think we can all agree, this woman is nuts! But who is she!? Is she really a stalker who thinks she loves O’Keefe? Or could this be another pissed off Hillary supporter? She did use the same words as Hillary did when referring to the men who died in Benghazi. “What difference does it make?” Or are Creamer and Clayton behind this? If they are, of course she wouldn’t admit it. So who is she? A stalker, someone trying to prevent O’Keefe from conducting business or a pissed off Hillary supporter?

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