Alexandria Shooting, The Aftermath of the Left and MSM Instigating Violence

In Alexandria, Virginia members of congress and their staffs gathered for a softball practice, for an annual charity game that was going to be held tomorrow. James T. Hodgkinson reportedly showed up at the softball practice. Reports say Hodgkinson, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, asked if republicans or democrats were on the field. He then proceeded to start shooting people. He shot 5 people including Steve Scalise, and 2 police officers, who ended up taking the gunmen down.

Hodgkinson was a known Bernie supporter, and Trump hater. He posted several anti Trump things to his social media accounts in the past.  From his posts I would guess he use to watch the lying MSM, who loves to instigate violence.

Over and over we’ve seen the left make threats against our President, his family, and supporters of our President. We’ve even seen many people attacked by the left. I wouldn’t even be able to count the times I’ve heard someone on the left threaten someones life. But yet we never hear the MSM condemn these acts. But the left and MSM are always quick to blame guns.

I’m sure you all remember Kathy Griffith’s photo holding up a fake bloody head of our President. Or what about the time Snoop Dog pretended to shoot a fake clown version of our President. Or when Bow Wow threatened to pimp out Melania? Or the band Nofx who called President Trump and his family to be murdered? Or how about when Madonna threatened to blow up the White House? Or the countless number of teachers/professors who have made threats towards our President and his supporters. Why doesn’t the MSM talk about this? Why don’t they condemn these threats? Because they want to instigate violence, and then use it to promote gun control.

The man who pulled the trigger, is to blame! And if anyone should be added to that blame, it should be the MSM and the left, not the gun! What motivated this man? What was he mad about? It had nothing to do with a gun! He was an ignorant, crazy man, who probably watched too much CNN. So if you want to point the finger at anyone besides the murderer, point at the left and the mainstream media! They are the ones who lie, and then instigate to cause violence.

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