Tyra Beauty Rumors Were True! Tyra Banks Leaves Thousands of Women Jobless

Image Credit: Fortune Live Media
Image Credit: Fortune Live Media
Image Credit: Fortune Live Media
Image Credit: Fortune Live Media

I’m sure many of you have heard of Tyra Beauty, a direct sales company that sells makeup by Tyra Banks. Back in February a (now former) representative for Tyra Beauty came out and said that she was told in confidence that Tyra Beauty had plans to go retail. This would mean Tyra would no longer need her direct sales reps. The young lady, who was a top earner in this company, stood by her morals and warned others…Well at least she tried. I watched online as this became dramatic. Ladies claiming this woman was lying…but something told me she wasn’t…

You see, from the beginning of this companies launch, something hasn’t set right with me.  I watched many times as Tyra sent roses, candies or met her “beautytainers” on a trip. Tyra hung out with them, danced with them, and it always seemed as if they were having a blast. I believe the ladies truly were, but I immediately questioned Tyra’s motives. She seemed fake. At the time, I didn’t know what her motive was, but I didn’t trust it. So the second I heard this woman come out with claims that Tyra was going retail, I believed her. The fakeness was now revealed, not just my assumption anymore. But there was still no proof. It was the woman’s word against Tyra’s…and YES, Tyra actually denied these claims at the time! Other representatives turned on this girl, and accused her of lying…Well, sad to say, but last week they found out this woman was indeed telling the truth. Tyra Banks sent an email to Tyra Beauty reps announcing the closing of the direct sales part of the company and announced going retail. She might as well said “Thanks for making my company what it is today, but I don’t need you anymore. Thanks for wasting your time, money and dedication, so that I can come out on top, while you struggle to find another source of income. Oh, and thanks for all the on hand stock you bought, under the impression you were going somewhere in this company. And lastly, thank you to those who had my back and defended me, even though I was lying through my teeth.”

As if this all isn’t bad enough…Tyra’s “Why” for the company was to help women stuck in a bad position, or that needed help. She preyed on people’s weakness, filled them with false hope, while all along she was probably planning to dump them like she did.

Understandably so, Tyra Beauty’s Facebook page is being swarmed with comments. Many angry, many disappointed, and some shocked. I feel so awful for these ladies who believed they were going somewhere in this company, only to be screwed over.

Here are just some of the comments…

“This is so sad… the rumors were true from months ago and you lied to your entire company. You should have just told them the truth then instead of dragging it along. This is how you lose a lot of business, including mine. 👋”

“Now I know why I never gave tyra a second look. .you give bad vibes and I hope karma comes to you tenfold . How could u do this to human beings ?!:/ families? ? Disgraceful.I hope u lose business”

“Tyra is a terrible person … This is so messed up.”

“What a shady person. So disgusted”

“you may be pretty on the outside but you sure are ugly on the inside. Those beautytainers sold tons of make up for you and made you tons of money and some that was how they made a living and they have families to provide for. You only care about yourself. . And now they get nothing. just like you didn’t even show up to the trip to meet the people who won the trip for selling so much of your make up. Ugly”

“@Tyra Banks & Tyra Beauty- I cannot believe I used to look up to you. I just can’t hardly believe what you did to all of us “beautytainer’s” as you called us. We worked and struggled and hustled on the daily for supposedly us,…but it was ALL just for YOU! I will Never look at you the same again and I will NOT support anything you put your name or hands on. You are a pathetic excuse for an entrepreneur a business owner a leader a celebrity and really even a human. Bye Felicia!”

“Tyra should be ashamed of herself. ..you use hardworking people to BUILD your platform and get YOUR products out there only to drop them….”

“My heart goes out to all the beauty trainers that got let go. I was considering purchasing but, not now. Thoughts with all of you.”

And now, Tyra’s “Why” video. Be warned, it will disgust you watching this, knowing she has screwed over so many women.

“you have me to lean on…I started this business with my own money, and you better beieve that i have your back as you build your bussiness with me.”

You’re a joke, Tyra!

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  1. Hold your horses everybody…Tyra Beauty started with Tyra.com in 2015..a year later she added Tyra Beauty…Tyra is my friend and we started Tyra.com..My intentions were to go retail so don’t blame Tyra for nothing because you don’t know what your talking about ! I decided to go retail for the sake of the company and convienced Tyra as to why we have to go retail..I’ve created products that no makeup company in the world had prior to 2015 and we also put in for a patent so this was a business decision made by me…..Tyra is just the Boss and the Boss has to make hard decisions but this is more than just a makeup company..Watch this year !

  2. That’s awful!! I work for LimeLight by Alcone who already has a pro store and now the LimeLight brand. They would never do something like this! My heart breaks for you all. If your looking for a new amazing professional cosmetic company join LimeLight by alcone!!! Check out my page for info http://www.limelightbyalcone.com/mercedesschrank.com or add me on Facebook if you have questions!!! I just can’t believe what I am reading I am so sorry because I know the hard work that goes into social marketing is not easy!

  3. It’s sad to hear so many reps who trusted Tyra were left alone so she could venture off into retail when she had so many people supporting her & helping build her up, believing they had something that could help change their families lives. I feel so bad for these reps. The business I’ve been with for about a year now has been around for 15 years & refuses to leave the direct sales light. Our CEO started as a rep to support his very own family, and shifted his focus to helping other families such as mine get out of debt and provide full time income if not more for every individual. We are a health and wellness company that focuses on helping others & are a strong Christian-based company. I’m thankful I came across a company that focuses in these areas & I pray the reps left behind in Tyra beauty find another light to lead them the way soon. ❤️ This is just terrible and downright wrong.

  4. I am so sorry this happened to all of those reps. Such a sad situation. I’m glad I never bought into someone like her. If there are any reps looking to use their skill set and network to build a reputable business I would love to share info about joining forces with the #1 skincare brand in the US; we are not ever leaving the direct sales chain and the the doctors word is one you can stand behind.

  5. Come to Paparazzi! They is great and you definitely wouldn’t have to worry about this mess. Tyra was a celebrity. That is what celebrities do to become relevant. For heaven sakes, she was fired from ATM and now she’s on America’s Got Talent. Sorry that had to happen to all the consultants under her, tho. That was wrong, but I had a feeling her company was going to be a false coming so I never joined.

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