Danney Williams, A Secret Even The Clinton’s Can’t Keep Covered Up

Over this last year many of us have heard about Danney Williams, the man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son. Some people have brushed this story off because they ask “why now?” Why did he come forward during the 2016 election? Well, like we all know, the media loves to cover up stories that don’t fit their agenda. Danney’s story isn’t new at all actually.

About a year ago, Danney posted to Facebook telling his story. He talked about how his story was in the media in the early 90’s, but got swept under the rug, after the man helping, Robert McIntosh made a deal with Bill Clinton to pardon Robert’s son, Tommy McIntosh. After the deal was made, Robert stopped helping get the story out. For years, not many heard about Danney.

In 1999 reports came out claiming Bill took a DNA test, but Danney says this is untrue.

Then the 2016 election started. Danney’s story started getting more attention. He started gaining more and more followers on his social media accounts, more people started talking about his story. One man even confronted Clinton at a speech, and asked him about Danney. Bill seemed so nervous, he didn’t answer, but it was obvious he heard. Danney has been on The Alex Jones Show, and I’ve seen many articles wrote about him this last year. Recently, Danney’s social media accounts were verified, Facebook with the name “Danney Williams Clinton.” A short film has been made and a rap group that goes by Freenauts has a song about Danney’s story.

Danney is determined to get the truth out, and he has an army behind him. I don’t see this story getting forgotten about, this time. No matter how much the Clinton’s avoid speaking of Danney, the day will come they will have to answer for this. The only thing left to do, is for Bill to take a DNA test. There’s no way out of this one now Slick Willy.

4 thoughts on “Danney Williams, A Secret Even The Clinton’s Can’t Keep Covered Up

  1. Thank You, ‘deporablekel’, for writing this great informative article.. Because IT’s about Damn time the Public knows the Whole Truth about Cowardly Clinton’s “ONLY-Living-Son”… I’m ashamed to ever have called Bill a ‘President’. Having his Only Son living in poverty while Bill was living it up in luxury. SHAME On You, Cowardly Clinton!!! you can’t hide anymore, Bill, Danney looks too much like you even same low voice tone… I’ve been watching this story since the 1999.. Give this Decent Young Man, “Danney Williams-Clinton” some Lawful Justice of His ‘Own’. Dang!, anyone can see He just wants to know His father, (the Biological Sperm Donor). And, share your BLOOD Grandchildren with you, Jerk-ass.


  2. I see Bill Clinton written all over Danney Williams Face, so President Clinton, Prove to America that Danney isn’t your son, take a DNA test, that would put everything to rest, it is your responsibility to man up, and do the right thing, cause physically it is evident that Danney is your son, America can see that.


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