Catholic Priest Suspended From Facebook For Post About Islam


John Higgins, a Catholic Priest, from Saint Raymond Catholic Church, was suspended from Facebook for posting a statement about Islam. Higgins wrote on Facebook, “Western Civilization has been under attack by Islamic Jihad ideology since the 7th Century. The extremist and totalitarian invasions have been responsible for the deaths of millions. This is not a “Religion of Peace”, it is a philosophy of conquest. The Crusades were an attempt to keep Christians and Jews safe in Israel and other parts of the Mideast, but modern “intellectuals” have branded them as horrific. The Spanish threw the violent Jihadists out of Spain. The Austrians defended Vienna from them. Charles Martel fought them in the north of France and now we are seeing their further attempts at world conquest and domination using modern technology in their greedy attempt to subjugate anyone who does not profess and live their creed. They abuse women, kill gay people, murder, and rape children and justify it as “The Will of Allah”. It is not! There are peaceful and good Muslim people. and then there are Islamists who are defended by the ignorant who refuse to learn history.”

We’ve seen over and over threats against our President and supporters on Facebook, video feeds of people being beat, even murdered. And these posts usually go without consequence. But yet, Pastor Higgins posts the truth about Islam and he gets suspended for it. It makes no sense. The left is allowed to threaten ppl, break laws and go unpunished, but if you’re on the right, don’t you dare speak the truth or Facebook will suspend or delete your account!

I was looking at Pastor Higgins Twitter, and wanted to share a quote he has on his bio, “If you can’t say something nice, tell the truth instead.” I really like this quote. Growing up, a lot of us were told “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” That time is over, it is time we all speak up. The truth shouldn’t be ignored just because it’s not pretty! Ignoring the craziness in this world is not going to make it go away. Worrying about offending or hurting ppl’s feelings is not going to solve our problems! We need to speak out and speak loud. We must make our voices heard and continue to educate people with the truth.

A big thank you to Pastor Higgins for speaking out and for speaking the truth!

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