Reporters Reaching For Anything But The Truth In The Muhammad Case

In April of 2017, Kori Ali Muhammad murdered 4 men in Fresno, Ca. He yelled allah akbar after the murders. It was clearly an act of terror, but the media would rather air lies, that Muhammad was bullied throughout his life, and that’s why he murdered 4 men. This is so far from the truth and I am absolutely disgusted by some of the reporters covering this story. Matt Mendes from CBS47 has spoke with Kori Muhammad. Claims are being made that he was a target of racism before this happened and that is why he killed 4 men. This is bullshit and every journalist knows it, including Mendes! But, as we know a good amount of reporters have no morals, and will air whatever fits their agenda or gets the most views. See the video below for proof these claims are so far off.

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