Kori Ali Muhammad Murders, Hate Crime Or In The Name Of Allah?

Kori Ali Muhammad

In April of 2017, Kori Ali Muhammad murdered 4 men in Fresno, CA. in the name of Allah. (see story here.) It is being labeled a hate crime instead of terrorist act. The chief of police said Muhammad yelled Allah Akbar after the murders, but later said he was not sure of Muhammad’s religion. The chief of police also mentioned that Kori was not born with the last name Muhammad, but change it to Muhammad himself.

Many people online are claiming Muhammad was not muslim.

The media is also hiding the fact that this was a terrorist act. Many reports only mention negative tweets about whites, but most aren’t mentioning he yelled allah akbar after the murders. And nearly none are mentioning that his hate for whites came from his “religion,” the Nation of Islam.

I put together this video to prove he is indeed muslim, and his hate for whites came from his religion. Please share to spread the word. The fact that Muhammad is a muslim, and yelled allah akbar after these murders is getting lost in the MSM, as we expected it would.

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