Yvette Felarca, Friends In High Places And Lingering Lawsuit…Is This Why Police Are Standing Down?

Image Credit: Al Bedo
Image Credit: Al Bedo
Image Credit: Al Bedo
Image Credit: Al Bedo

Before I start this article let me say, I support our men in blue and have much respect for them. But when I see wrong doing, I have to stay true to myself and call it out, no matter who it is.

We’ve watched more then once, police do nothing while Trump supporters were being attacked. We seen it happen in San Jose, and now it seems to be the thing to do in Berkeley. I think most of us seen videos from the Milo event back in February. It was clear the police were letting the rioters get away with assaulting Trump supporters. I had friends that were at the event, who said the same.

Then we have the March 4th event at Berkeley. It seemed a similar situation. Antifa members once again got away with assaulting people.

Which brings me to the April 15th Free Speech Rally. For the third time, police officers stood around while Trump supporters were sprayed with mace, hit with rocks, bricks, bottles, bike locks and other objects. Antifa members sucker punched and threw M-80s at Trump supporters. All while police stood by. Some say that once Antifa set off smoke bombs, the police went to their vehicles. Thank God Trump supporters defended themselves, otherwise we would have had a lot more people hurt, and worse.

Shane Bauer posted two videos to Twitter, of him questioning 3 police officers. One said “I’m not at liberty to discuss my tactics.” Shane asked another Police Officer “how come you guys are hanging back?” The officer replied “that would be a good question for the chief of police.” Another officer told the man to speak to the public information officer. But no answers on to why they were not intervening.

So here we all are, wondering why in the hell are police standing down? Did they get orders from the chief or mayor to stand down? In Bauer’s videos, one of the officers looked pretty upset. Maybe I’m wrong, but I felt he wanted to help but his hands were tied by someone else. So I decided to look further into this…

First, let me introduce you to Yvette Felarca. She’s an organizer of BAMN (By All Means Necessary.) She’s been causing chaos in Berkeley for years.  She is a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School. She has been caught on video assaulting people and instigating riots more then once. But somehow always gets a free pass. Awhile back, I started looking into her and found some interesting info. In an article from 2001, it states that many BAMN members have gotten jobs as teachers throughout the years, and began meddling in the affairs of the union. This was after they had lost all credibility on the UC campus. So it seems they became Teachers to gain power within the union. Makes me wonder if they’ve done this in other areas as well. Get BAMN members into city council positions, the police department, the courts, and just imagine the power. I sure hope I’m wrong on this, but it is something I will be looking deeper into.

Let me move on from my assumptions and tell you what I do know, for a fact. Yvette Felarca has the Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin as a friend on Facebook. She is also friends with Kriss Worthington, a City Council Member on Facebook. I am not in any way saying these men got in their position because of BAMN, or for power. I am just pointing out anything that I think can be a clue. And them being Facebook friends with Felarca is defiantly worth mentioning. UPDATE: Before I could finish this article, other journalist found some very interesting info. Journalist, Gavin McInnes found that the Mayor of Berkeley is a member of BAMN’s Facebook group. After hearing this, I decided to check the BAMN Facebook group, and sure enough City Council Member Kriss Worthington is also a member. The amazing Proud Boys found even more info. It seems BAMN does indeed have many members in high positions.

Moving on to another reason why I think police may be standing down. On November 29th 2011, BAMN filed a lawsuit against U.C. Berkeley and Police for $15 million. The lawsuit came after a “Occupy Cal” protest on November 9, where BAMN members claimed police brutality. On June 13th 2012, BAMN served the amended lawsuit (with 6 more plaintiffs added) to U.C. Berkeley administrators and police. U.C. Berkeley administrations filed to be dismissed from the lawsuit, but were denied. On January 17th 2014, a judge ruled that U.C. Berkeley administrations would stay in the lawsuit. On July 27, 2015, BAMN filed a brief in its lawsuit, demanding to put U.C. Berkeley administrators, University of California Police Department, and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office on trial. This is the last update I can find on the lawsuit, so  I am assuming it is ongoing. Could this be a reason why police are standing by as Trump supporters are being attacked?

Please share your thoughts!

Image Credit: Al Bedo



Yvette Felarca announces lawsuit Nov. 14th, 2011

Additional videos on BAMN worth watching:

Supreme Court hears BAMN’s challenge to anti-affirmative-action bans, Schuette v. BAMN (Detroit press conference March 25, 2013)

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