Fresno Ca: Muslim Targets White Men, Kills 4, Yells Allahu Akbar

On Tuesday, April 18th at about 10:45 am Fresno Police Department received a gunshot detection alert that 2 gunshot rounds had been fired. Police were in route to the shooting, when a second activation with 4 rounds fired went off. Within seconds the 3rd and 4th activations went off, with 6 & 4 rounds fired. All 16 rounds were fired in less then 2 minuets, at 4 different locations. Fresno Chief of Police, Jerry Dyer said that 39 year old, Kori Ali Muhammad shot 3 white males, and attempted to shoot another white male.

Muhammad walked up to a PG&E truck and shot the passenger. The driver quickly drove  away to police headquarters. The victim was Zackary Randalls, a husband and father of 2 young children. Zackary was on his first ride along with PG&E when his life was taken from him. There is a Go Fund Me for Zackary’s funeral fund here.

Muhammad continued walking as he came upon a resident in the area. He fired a number of rounds at the man, but thankfully he missed.

He continued walking when he came upon another man, and fired several rounds at him, killing him.

Muhammad then walked to Catholic Charities where he shot and killed another man leaving with groceries.

Somewhere during this rampage, that lasted less then 2 minuets, Muhammad approached two Hispanic women, and a child who were in their car. Muhammad pointed the gun at them, but did not shoot.

As police arrived, an officer immediately seen a black male running. When the man seen police he quickly dove to the ground. Kori Ali Muhammad was then arrested as he yelled Allahu Akbar.

Chief Dyer said in a press conference that Muhammad was wanted for a previous murder, that happened April 13th. Muhammad was at a motel 6 in Fresno with a female, when he shot and killed security guard, Carl Williams. He attempted to shoot another security guard but was out of bullets.  It is believed that Muhammad also yelled Allahu Akbar after this murder.

After the April 13th murder, police immediately knew who he was, and began looking for him. Muhammad posted to his Facebook that he was in Atlanta, trying to throw the police off.  Police did not release information to the public on Muhammad until April 18th, the morning of the next shootings.

Police say speed loaders were recovered at the scene, but the weapon is still missing. Speed loaders were also found at the motel on the 13th.

According to the chief of police, Muhammad has criminal history including drugs, terrorist threats, weapons violation, and false imprisonment. Muhammad was on Federal probation up until Sept of 2016. Dyer describes Muhammad as a very violent individual.

Dyer says Muhammad will face 4 counts of murder and at least 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

The Fresno Police Department alerted the FBI, and they will be assisting in this case.

In a 2nd press conference after the shootings, Dyer says they don’t believe this is terrorist related, that it seems to be a hate crime against whites. Dyer also claimed to not know what religion Muhammad is. He said, “I don’t know what his religions status is, but we believe he changed his name at one point to Muhammad. But there’s no indication that he did so for that purpose.” Dyer also said this doesn’t seem like it was based on religion.

As if changing his name to Muhammad, and the fact he yelled Allahu Akbar two separate times after he murdered, wasn’t enough to determine his religion. I’ll give you more info to prove he is indeed a Muslim…

Muhammad made several posts on social media talking about Yakub‘s grafted “white devils.” According to sources, “Yakub is a central figure of the Nation of Islam (NOI).” Some Muslims believe Yakub was a black scientist who lived 6,600 years ago and began the creation of the white race to be a race of devils. In four different posts on Facebook, the day before the shootings, Muhammad wrote “MEGA DEADLY TORNADO SUPEROUTBREAKS STRIKING Yakubs white devils and their kind” “MEGA DEADLY PLAGUES STRIKING Yakubs white devils and their kind” “MEGA DEADLY POSSESSIONS STRIKING Yakubs white devils and their kind” and “MEGA DEADLY FLOODING STRIKING Yakubs white devils and their kind.” So, just replace “Yakubs white devils” with “white people,” because that is exactly what he’s saying.

In other social media posts and YouTube videos, Muhammad says “Allah Akbar,” and talks about killing “white devils.” The day before the shootings, Muhammad shared a post and wrote, “MY KILL RATE INCREASES TREMENDOUSLY ON THE OTHER SIDE ASÈ ALLAH U AKBAR.”

In a video from 2015 found on his YouTube channel, he is being interview by a woman and talks about joining the Nation of Islam in 1994-1995. He says that at 9 years old he started gang banging. And at age 14-16 he became involved in the black liberation movement. At age 16-17 he joined the Nation of Islam, and became a lieutenant in the Nation of Islam. He says he even attended the million man march as a lieutenant. He goes on to say “I never been fearful of losing my life or being outnumbered, or anything like that. So I took that same mentality with the Nation of Islam and the black liberation movement.” Muhammad says both sides of his family were against him converting to Islam.

In the same video he brings up that he does not sag his pants, because he says “how you gonna keep your gun in your wasteline, you gotta run up on the police, you gotta fight, you know what I mean how you going to do all that with your pants hanging off your a**?”

In one of Muhammad’s rap videos posted in Aug. 2016 he says “I’m a black power rebel f*** a white devil….time to unite take flight on these devils. Their time is up, gotta take it to another level. See I’m relentless, there will be no repentance….I’m with the business and you can get hit f*** Trump and Clinton real s*** I’m spittin’ you rap it I live it from tree top to prison. No f***s are given for this world we live in.”

Muhammad also has derogatory tweets about President Trump, and demanded reparations  on his Twitter account.

In another rap video posted to YouTube a month ago, and to Facebook days before the shootings, Muhammad said “On a mission for the reparations for my people, been at it since ’95…demanding justice for the murders of my black kin, hollow points make a white devil body spin. Heatwaves, floods, earthquakes, tornado, protection from the mother plane possessions drive the wicked insane, black power game full of street game.” Notice he mentions being at it since ’95, the same time he joined the Nation of Islam?

In the same video he says, “kill a racist devil dead, cut of their head, put a bullet in their head, then get that bread. Heard what I said, ’cause I said it real slow, so ya know its west side Fresno, murder squad, murder squad, do the job… curse white devil seeds alienate enemies watch them flee.”

Muhammad’s Facebook account was deleted, shortly after Chief Dyer stated police had been looking at it. This is AFTER he was arrested. Luckily, some of us got screenshots before it was deleted.

I don’t agree for one second that this is not a terrorist attack. It is a hate crime, as they claim, but it is a terrorist attack as well! He killed in the name of Allah. He believes whites were made by a Muslim,  to be the “white devils” and that they should be destroyed. To me, it seems his hate for whites, comes directly from the teachings of his “religion.”

This isn’t the first time a terrorist attack has happened near Fresno. A few months back Scott Alcala was driving to San Jose when he was rammed by another vehicle that was going 100+ mph. The driver Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told the police he did it in the name of Allah.

In case any of you are confused on whether or not these are terrorist attacks, see the definition of terrorist act “the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. coup de main, surprise attack.”

Please share this article to help spread the truth. It seems the fact this was a terrorist attack, is already being covered up. The world needs to wake up, and quick!

Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the victims. May you get the justice you deserve. My heart goes out to you all. God Bless and R.I.P to lives lost.







Kori Ali Muhammad17342564_1279218585497184_8245440959957640232_nKori Ali Muhammad

Kori Ali MuhammadKori Ali MuhammadKori Ali MuhammadKori Ali Muhammad

Kori Ali Muhammad

Kori Ali Muhammad


Kori Ali Muhammad

Kori Ali Muhammad

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