Trump Supporters Take Back Berkeley

Image Credit: Cyndi Sheehan

Trump Supporters from all over California drove to Berkeley today for a Free Speech Rally. The rally included guest speakers, including Lauren Southern, Kyle Chapman aka Based Stickman, Brittany Pettibone, and others. Other Trump Supporters that attended included Susan Walsh and Cyndi Sheehan. Susan and Cyndi attended the Milo event back in February, and were inside the building when the riot broke out. They were both terrified for their lives that day, but like true Patriots still showed up for today’s rally.

Trump Supporters wanted a peaceful rally, but because of past incidents such as the March 4th & Milo event, they came prepared to defend themselves. Several Trump Supporters came with gas masks, helmets, some with pepper spray and self defense items. But the self defense items were confiscated by the police.

Trump Supporters were once again attacked. John Beavers, a die hard Trump Supporter and owner of the Trump truck was sucker punched in his nose by someone holding brass knuckles. A young punk yelled at an elderly Veteran who is in a wheelchair. An aluminum bottle filled with liquid was thrown at the back of another mans head, leaving a good sized lump. Protesters threw bricks, rocks, firecrackers, and other items.

I seen numerous complaints that police officers did not intervene. Trump Supporters once again were attacked in front of police, as they did nothing. Some feel the police were told to stand down. One man questioned a few Police Officers himself. The man was told “I’m not at liberty to discuss my tactics,” by one Police Officer. The man asked another Police Officer “how come you guys are hanging back?” The officer replied “that would be a good question for the chief of police.” Another officer told the man to speak to the public information officer. But none of them answered why they weren’t intervening.

Finally, Trump Supporters started fighting back. Fight after fight broke out for hours. Watching the live feeds, I felt like I was watching the scene from The Outsiders, when the greasers kick the socs a**es. And I’m happy to say, it ended about the same…except the idiots today actually helped defeat themselves. Remember, if you’re going to set off a smoke bomb (which I don’t recommend) be sure to check which way the wind is blowing. Yes, that’s right, those idiot rioters set off a smoke bomb and the wind was going their way! They quickly retreated as Trump Supporters cheered and sang with joy.

11 people were injured, 7 taken to the hospital.

20 people were arrested. Charges include assault with a deadly weapon and other felony assaults. Two of the people arrested had warrants from the March 4th event. Police are viewing social media footage, and say they will be making more arrests.

One of the arrests made was Kyle Chapman aka Based Stickman. Kiara Robles, the young woman who got maced at the Milo Event by a protester, tweeted about Kyle’s arrest, saying “Based stickman is getting arrested. Apparently self defense is illegal in Berkeley.” If you are unfamiliar with Kyle Chapman, he is the man who who was arrested at the March 4th event after defending multiple Trump Supporters. On March 4th, Kyle showed up in a helmet, with shield and stick to defend himself and others. And he did just that. Now it seems others are following his lead. Many Trump Supporters showed up to today’s Rally in similar gear, and ready to defend themselves. And they did just that as well.

Though some of our fellow Trump Supporters were injured, I would say, today was a victory and the left was shown we have had enough! Lets hope this puts an end to their nonsense. We love our Country and we will not sit back while these domestic terrorists destroy it.

To all of the Trump Supporters who attended the Rally in Berkeley and Rallies all over America, thank you! It is so nice to see that so many did not only vote for our President, but are also committed to making America great again!  To those of you who got injured, I hope you heal soon. God Bless you all!

Flyer for the Free Speech Rally

The left’s flyer calling people to protest the rally and punch people

John Beavers after he was attacked

Trump Supporters helping a man after he was assaulted

Kyle Chapman being arrested

Punk yelling at an elderly Veteran in a wheelchair

Rioters pushing trashcans at Trump Supporters

Man questions Police Officers as to why they allowed people to get attacked

Trump Supporters chase rioters out of Berkeley

Trump Supporters celebrating victory! USA USA USA

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