UPDATE: Daycare Teacher Arrested for Child Abuse

UPDATE: Lynn Rowe has been located and arrested by the police.


Lynn Rowe, owner of Lynn’s Learning Center in Omaha Nebraska, is wanted by police for felony child abuse. An employee at the daycare video tapped Rowe abusing a 4 year old child. The employee gave the video to the child’s parents, who handed it over to the police.

In the disturbing video, Rowe hits the little girl, and shakes her. The little girl is frightened and tells Rowe that she is hurting her. She replies “good, I hope it hurts you.”

Collin Ruane from WOWT spoke with the child’s parents and also went to Rowe’s home, but she was not there. Mr. Ruane says Rowe’s lawyer told police that he has not been able to get a hold of her, and that right now she’s not even in the state.

Collin also reports that police have issued a warrant for Rowe’s arrest for felony child abuse charges. If anyone has information about Rowe’s whereabouts, please call Omaha Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.

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