Man Stands Outside Police Station with “Hug A Cop” Sign

A Gainesville, Florida man stood outside of the police station holding a sign that read “Hug a cop.”

Antwuan Hamm told WCJB TV20 News

“I’m going to just hug them and let them know that we appreciate it and we do care about them. It’s their courage that keeps us safe at night to be able to sleep. It’s their courage that keeps the bad people off the streets, that keeps us safe everyday, to go to work to drive our cars, to be able to park our cars somewhere and go back to it and it’s still there.”

With all of the violence towards police officers going on this last year, I think it’s amazing this man stood up. We’ve seen violence against Police Officers, riots, people screaming to kill cops, and we’ve even lost Police Officers. We’ve heard of teachers and news outlets instigating this type of behavior, and even covering it up. So to this man who took a stand, thank you, you sir are setting a great example! And to our men and women in blue, thank you for your service, and all you do to make this world a better place. You are greatly appreciated.

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