Alicia Keys Deletes Tweet of Woman in Niqab, After Called out on Hypocrisy


Earlier this week Alicia Keys tweeted about diversity, saying “Our strength is in our differences Our power is in our diversity We are so beautiful All of us When we see each other We see ourselves.” The only problem is she attached a photo of a woman wearing a niqab, showing off her leg in a sexy pose. Twitter users immediately called out the hypocrisy in Keys’ tweet.  One woman said, “If you lived in a niqab-wearing society, and showed that leg, you’d be severely beaten. Signed, a muslim woman.”  Another said, “If that was a photo of a real Muslim woman, she would be beaten right after the photo was taken for showing leg” Another woman tweeted to Keys,  “You get to take that shit off after photoshoot without fear of murder or prosecution; millions of women don’t have that luxury!” Later the photo was removed, but not before others could save it. See tweets below.

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