Videos of Teachers Brainwashing Students to be Anti Trump

Lately we’ve heard stories about teachers brainwashing students to be anti Trump. It is absolutely insane how much of this is going on. Teachers have no business talking about politics to students, let alone downing our President and his supporters. These teachers are attempting to brainwash children and it has to stop!

In the first video you will hear a teacher of very young children telling them that President Trump probably cheated to win the election. Almost all of the kids join in to down our President except for one little boy, that obviously can’t be brainwashed. As far as the teacher, if anyone knows who she is, please comment! She must be reported and fired!

In the second video, math teacher Shaan Aabaan compares our President and supporters to isis.  I have sent this video to Westview High, where Aabaan teaches, and to the school district. It doesn’t appear that they care. See more details here.

In the third video a student gets kicked out of class for speaking up after his teacher goes on an anti Trump rant.

In the next video a teacher dressed up as Mr. Trump and danced around to a song called “F*** Donald Trump.” Read more here.

In this video the teacher tells the class that Trump supporters are terrorists. Read more here.

This teacher here shot a squirt gun at a projection of our President and yelled “die!” Read more here.

In the next video the Teacher goes on an anti Trump rant for 8 mins. Read more here.

Another teacher allegedly punched a student, and offered extra credit for students who protested against Mr. Trump.

Teacher Veronica Welsh made a post on Facebook saying “This week is Spirit Week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”

Another teacher posted to twitter calling Trump supporters racist.

In this video a San Francisco teacher uses profanity aimed at President Trump.

San Francisco Teacher’s Union gave an anti Trump lesson plan to teachers.

Vinny Ungro’s daughter was given Anti Trump homework. Vinny tells me “We have to protect against the liberal indoctrination of our children. The DOE and UFT are liberal minds with liberal agendas. They have no shame in influencing our children, and disrespecting their parents and their values.” As we see from all of these videos, Vinny is correct. Parents, please pay attention to what your children are learning at school. And if any inappropriate behavior is done, please speak up and expose it. It is way past time we make our schools great again!

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