Band Calls for the Murder Of President Trump and Family

Band Calls for the Murder Of President Trump and Family

Kelly Hutchinson attended the Musink Tattoo Convention & Music Festival Friday evening, in Orange County, CA. When the last band, NOFX came on stage, they sang a song called “murder the government.” This is when the singer, who goes by the name of Fat Mike, called for the murder of President Trump and his family.  As you will hear in the video below he says “I wanna see the constitution burn, I wanna see Trump Tower get blown up, I wanna see some of his families blood bleed red”

As you can hear in the video, the crowd cheers when he says it. But not everyone was impressed with the singers threats. Kelly immediately left the show, and said it was offensive, which I’d have to agree. First off, when is it ever okay to threaten someone’s life, or encourage violence against anyone, let alone the President and his Family!? Second, people went to see the show, and have a good time, not to hear this guys bulls***. Third, we’ve seen what can happen to Trump supporters when outnumbered by anti Trump people. Why would this guy even go there?

After watching a few other videos of this band I see this isn’t the only show where Fat Mike has threatened President Trump. In another video, before the election, Fat Mike tells the crowd to vote for Hillary and than says “if you like trump you’re a fucking a**hole, s*** head, get the fuck outta here!”  He continues to say “This song’s called the man I killed, and lets just pretend that’s Donald Trump”

On election night NOFX played a show in Edmonton,  Canada, according to The Punk Site  Fat Mike told the crowd, “I just got off the phone with my daughter and she’s crying,”  The writer continued,  “His daughter – a little girl who wanted to see a very qualified woman become president just as badly as her daddy – was in tears over Trump in the lead. Mike was teary-eyed too. The remainder of the set he kept saying he couldn’t look anyone in the eye. He called for sunglasses, which eventually came.”

Qualified woman? Was there another candidate that I was unaware? The only thing Hillary Clinton is qualified to do is lie and leave people for dead. It sounds like poor Mikey poo need his safe space and safety pin election night.

In a video I found online from election night, Fat Mike tells the crowd “this whole f***ing s*** went down just because of pure sexism! Before the band starts to play he says  “I’m gonna play this song, its called not the idiots taking over, the idiot taking over. The racist, sexist, f***ing sociopath is taking over!”

Here’s a grown man, who has pink hair, sings songs about murdering the President and his family, and cried when Hillary lost. But yet, he feels the need to down our President? How about you go find your safe space and don’t come out until you can accept the fact HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT!

7 thoughts on “Band Calls for the Murder Of President Trump and Family

  1. WTF IS THE SECRET SERVICE ON THIS? I am so sick of these uniformed idiots! His music is bad enough but this guy needs to be locked up for a VERY LONG time for calling for the murder of a U.S. President AND his family! Between the Muslim demons in Congress, then this guy, our country is in a really bad place. We just gotta PRAY people without ceasing! GOD help us!


  2. Traitors belong in Federal prison or hanging from a yardarm. I hope that the Secret Service is dealing with them.


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