Image Credit: Tom Lohdan

White House Fence Jumper Admits to Being Troubled

Image Credit: Tom Lohdan

A KPIX 5 reporter spoke with Jonathan Tran, the man accused of jumping the White House fence. When asked “President called you a troubled person, how do you feel about that?” Tran replied, “I don’t deny that.” The reporter went on to ask Tran, “what were you planning to do there? Were you planning to try to talk to the President or harm him?” Tran replied, “I don’t know. No comment.” Tran can be seen smiling and giving the camera a thumbs up as he walks away.

Tran was arrested March 10th after jumping the White house fence. According to reports, Tran was carrying a backpack containing two cans of mace, a laptop, passport, a book written by President Trump and letter to President Trump with alleged information on Russian hackers. Tran was on White House grounds for more than 15 minuets.

Tran was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, wear a tracking device, and stay away from weapons and the White House. Tran will return to court on April 13th in Washington. He could face 10 years in prison.

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