California Teacher Compares President Trump and Supporters to ISIS

A video surfaced on YouTube of a very angry teacher telling students lies about President Trump’s travel ban. The teacher is clearly anti Trump, and mentions ISIS. He also mentions taking trips to Iran. In part of the video he says, “what I’m worried about is those worse of the racist, bigot, scum in this country who were living under a rock until Donald Trump came along, now they have a voice. Did you see yesterday when he was saying this stuff? They were all cheering yea lets kick the Muslims out, some of them are saying I’m gonna go to France and kill all the Muslims! How is that behavior any different than ISIS…maybe they don’t have the guts to actually do it.”

I posted the video to Facebook, and many people questioned who this teacher was. I decided to do some research to find the teachers name, but I had no idea what else I was going to find…

First, let me give you the information some of you have asked for. This incident took place at  Westview High School, in San Diego, CA. The teachers name is Shaan Aabaan and he is a math teacher.

Looking a bit further into it, I came across student reviews on this teacher. One student wrote: “Mr Aabaan is a nice guy and a genuinely good hearted person, but he is the worst teacher I have ever had. I have him for AFA and I haven’t learned one thing in that class. He starts off every class with some weird YouTube video, then asks random plus one questions, which then somehow leads to ISIS. After he done talking about ISIS, how women aren’t treated fairy in American society and soccer he leaves us 10 minutes at the end of every period to go over hw and to learn new material. OUTRAGEOUS!!”

Two other students expressed their concern for students safety: “I see my last post was taken down, and Shann Aaban himself came on here to try and discredit it. Bullshit. He creeped on multiple girls in my class, who I’m still friends with and will attest to this. Now he’s trying to cover up his reviews because he knows he’s a piece of shit. Avoid this teacher at all costs. If you’re a parent, especially of a female, DO NOT allow him to teach your kids.”

“I had to switch out of this class it was so horrible. I felt like that class was a threat to my safety and learning.”

So we have a video of the teacher spewing hate and speaking of ISIS…and now reviews from students, who say he has students watch weird videos, talks about ISIS, and is a threat….Bothersome right? But it doesn’t end there…

Digging a little deeper, I found this teacher was a high school teacher of James Holmes, the Aurora movie theater shooter. Coincidence? Maybe…but keep reading.

I decided to watch video of James Holmes to see if I could find a connection. In one video when being interviewed by psychiatrist Dr. William Reid, Holmes talks about violent images in his mind.

“I would have like violent images…things like saws going against other people…like a saw, like sawing them…like getting their heads cut off, or something…they just pop up randomly”

Could these images be from videos Holmes watched in Aabaan’s class?

As I continued to read about James Holmes, I came across several articles that said he has converted to Islam since being in prison.

The Daily Mail reported “Holmes has turned Muslim as a way of justifying his horrific crimes on July 20 which left 12 people dead and at least 58 people wounded. He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels. Holmes now prays five times a day, sticks to a strict Muslim diet and spends hours each day studying the Koran.”

As I stated earlier, this could be nothing. Maybe just a coincidence…Or maybe this teacher influenced Holmes. I’ve heard numerous times that Holmes was brainwashed or programmed…Could this teacher be a part of that?

I do know one thing for sure though, and that is this teacher should NOT be teaching our children. The video alone proves he is totally unfit to be teaching children.

Please share your thoughts!

UPDATE (3/17/2017): I called the school yesterday and informed them of the video, and student reviews. The lady I spoke with seemed unaware of the video. I told her that myself, and many others are concerned for students safety. I have emailed the video and link to student reviews to 3 people at the school district and 12 people at the school. So far, I have received 1 email back, thanking me for the information. On Tuesday, I am going to call back for an update. I will keep you all posted! Lets hope this guy is fired!

UPDATE (3/18/2017): The video has been tweeted to President Trump, Betsy DeVos, James O’Keefe and the FBI.

UPDATE (3/21/2017): I just got off of the phone with the same lady I spoke to last week, Vikki. I asked her for an update, and she said “the only update I can give you is that I’ve forwarded it to the principal.” I asked if Shaan Aabaan was still teaching, she said yes. I asked her if I can speak to the principal, she said he was out of the office. I asked when would be a good time to speak to him, she then asked for my number and said she’d have him call me. I replied telling her “No, it’s ok. I will just keep calling back until I reach him.” She told me he’d be out of the office for the rest of the day, and to try again tomorrow.

I have only received two replies out of the 15 emails I sent. Both emails thanked me, and said they were forwarding the video to the Acting Superintendent.

It seems those of us on social media are more concerned with students safety than some of the staff. I really don’t see how they can view the below video, read the student reviews, and still allow him to be teaching children. More than one student has said they feel threatened by this man. There’s video of him talking about ISIS. How is this not enough to fire this guy, and to alert the police?


UPDATE (3/22/2017) I called the school again today, and spoke to Vikki. She said the principal was not in. I asked when he would be available, she said she didn’t know. I asked if she could give me any update, she said no. I asked if anyone else could, she said no. I asked her if she had viewed the video. She said no. I told her I’m concerned that last week she seemed concerned when I told her details about the video, but yet she hasn’t even watched it. She said it wasn’t her place to watch it. I asked “so student’s safety is not your concern?” She said it was. I suggested she watch the video. I asked if parents were informed of the video, and again she said she didn’t know. I told her that they will be now. By this time she’s already raising her voice, and it was obvious she was angry. She ended up telling me that she was going to hang up on me, and told me to have a good day. I told her to have a good day as well, and make America great again.

So it looks as if the school is going to protect him. Help get this video/story out please! Parents have no clue this is going on and they have the right to know!


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  1. I’m spitting nails right no….. I am so furious! these teachers have no business bringing their personal political views in a classroom. When you have discovered teachers like this in the school that your child or grandchild attends get in that school and get in their faces!!!

  2. This site and it’s writers are a total joke. I was on the receiving end of many of the phone calls they have made to the school and being called f****** this and that and throwing “F” bombs around does nothing for your cause. Students have answered the phone and heard your disgusting rants and they laugh at you. Our country is supposed to be about free speech and religion. Granted a math class is not the best venue for political opinions but I’m here to say that no students are afraid of this man. In fact the staff, the parents in the community and the students have rallied around this teacher as nothing he said is threatening. As for telling lies nothing he said was a lie and possibly where he comes from is not like other parts of Iran. Guess what rich white boys can rape women here in the states and get off with a few months in jail…that is no better and believe you me there are plenty of atrocities going on right in this country and many of them by the entitled rich white folks. So if you are gonna talk about things like that be sure to talk about them here as well, no country is exempt from bad things. I see by your site that it is your sole purpose to trash people who do not support Trump and his hateful ways. I’m sorry for you and your miserable existence. We have a wonderful, diverse school where the students thrive because of the diversity, we are ranked in the top 100 schools in the nation and we do this because of our staff and our community.
    So go crawl under the rock you came from and leave us alone, you are nothing to us and therefore do not deserve our time or attention or answers to frivolous questions. How do we know that all of the posts that reflect your way of thinking from others were not written by you? You are a coward hiding behind your posts and not coming clean so people know who and what you are. You have caused people to call the school and threaten staff, I hope you are proud of yourself. But I will tell you, if you are any of your supporters come to my school with the intent of causing hate & discontent, you will be promptly removed even if I have to do it myself. Please go away and let us get on with educating our students.

    • Seems to be a lot of differences of opinion on this teacher. But one thing is for sure. He has no right to ever discuss his political beliefs in a classroom. Degrading a USA president while building up the Known #1 state in terrorism will never be take lightly in this country. I refuse to ever stop spreading the video until a public policy is made by Westview school banning this type of behavior to influance children. You have your right and i have mine. Get use to the calls as I’m sure it will continue until action is taken by the school board.

  3. Please tell me what i wrore that is racist? Im just saying this teacher should stick to facts. Nothing above is racist. You must be a liberal because anytime something is said that they don’t agree with the person is racist. You have issues or maybe the pussy you wear around your neck is to tight???

  4. One thing should be CRYSTAL CLEAR to all readers by now: That Deplorablekel and DeplorableP are no savior of children, they are a couple of cowering FRINGE racist trolls, nothing more. By their own admission, they are indeed the “deplorables”, whose REAL agenda is to kick every non-white person out of the country they think they own and are the authority for (like that’s ever going to happen.. fools…)! They are the kind of non-relenting hypocrites, who would NEVER acknowledge that the only people entitled to this land, who have the right to kick everyone including THEM out are the native Americans. These two cowards are no more entitled to this real estate than all the people they are trying to kick out! Most amazing to me is that, despite several responders asking, the two of them simply do not go near answering the question of why they don’t have the GUTS to identify themselves, and put their REAL names next to the baseless hallucinations they are peddling! Do not for a second believe this is about “student safety” at any school, what they’re REALLY mad about is that the teacher in the video dared to say he would protect non-white kids from getting attacked and harassed by the kid versions of themselves (not that they’ve grown any mentally since being two hateful, racist kids)! No reasonable and psychologically balanced individual would jump from hearing someone say he is concerned that if he travels to his country of birth, he may have trouble getting back in this country, even though he has never committed a crime, to calling him a “terrorist” and making connections to a mass-murderer!!! These two belong in a psychiatric ward, where they can spend all day shouting at a wall, preferably one with pictures of brown and black people on it! By the frequency of their comments, it’s clear they are here due to boredom resulting from unemployment (oh sorry, I forgot! Mexicans probably stole their jobs.. lol)!

    • Typical liberal to yell racist when this isn’t about race. This is about a teacher lying and brainwashing students. This is about students expressing fear for their safety and the school not doing anything about it! I find it very sad that we care more about students safety then the teachers at this school!

  5. The EXTREME far fetched connections this blogger made throughout this post, specifically the connection to James Holmes and the aurora shooting, completely discredits their statements. It seems like the blogger has made outlandish remarks to tarnish the name of this teacher and this school. Mind you that this high school is ranked among the top 100 in the nation. I don’t condone using your platform as an educator to push your political views but I also don’t see validity in this post as it is clear that the author has their own political agenda hidden in his/her words.

    In regards to contacting the school – clearly there will be no answers or statements given to a blogger who has done nothing but tarnish the institutions name and reputation. Also, referencing is not an accurate representation of student views on an educator and just proves, once again, that this blogger and his/her hateful words are invalid.

    Westview high school is one of the best in the district and please understand that no answers will be given to individuals who are rude and uneducated. This school district takes cases like this one very seriously so please, be cautious when reading this blatant slander.

    • You do realize I am not the only one that has called, right? MANY people want answers as to why this man is allowed to speak to children like this, and why the school is doing nothing to protect students, after they’ve expressed fear. Maybe the school should address the problem, instead of sending “students” to reply on this article. These comments sure are different than those in the student reviews. smh. BTW I’ve called the school 3 times, and was told to call back each time because the principal was not available. Of course he wasn’t. SMH. Stop covering for this man, and protect your students!

    • Because, I guarentee he wrote 1/2 of these comments himself. If he feels the need to preach about Iran in math class. He should discuss how iran is the largest state sponsors of terrorism. If he’s going to discuss it tell people the truth! They are scumbags…. So rather than degrade our country’s president maybe he should face the real facts.

    • I hope you know sites like RateMyTeacher and RateMyProfessor are about as reliable as Urban Dictionary.

      • I’d bet you disagree with the electoral college too? But agree with CNN and all the fake polls that showed Hillary winning by 95%.

  6. I find it interesting that you are so unwilling to use your real name & let people know who you are. You’re afraid someone will find out your true colors & see who you really are.

  7. I had Mr. AAbaan last year, when the elections and stuff were going on. Students weren’t FORCED to listen to his rants or beliefs. He’s completely fine if we tuned him out, worked on math homework, or played on our phones and whatnot. I have no problems with him. Basically he’s harmless.

    But as for this post, I DO have problems with it.

    If you’re going to investigate and report information to others, DO IT PROFESSIONALLY. I wouldn’t care if this was your way of “blogging” or “journaling” or whatever, but when you tag this with “BREAKING NEWS, CORRUPTION EXPOSED, POLITICS, U.S. NEWS, WORLD NEWS,” it’s pretty misleading.

    Also, step up your writing game.

    “So we have a video of the teacher spewing hate and speaking of ISIS…and now reviews from students, who say he has students watch weird videos, talks about ISIS, and is a threat….Bothersome right? But it doesn’t end there…”

    Who the hell would use ellipses like that. Let alone report “news” using that tone.

  8. Stick to writing terrible recipes on your terrible site since you clearly can’t handle real journalism. You certainly have a lot of bad karma coming your way. This teacher is truly an AMAZING teacher, regardless of his political viewpoints. Unlike you and whoever was upset enough to post this video in the first place, most people are able to hear others opinions without feeling the need to ruin the persons life if their opinion is different. Talk about a “special snowflake”! Get over it, another human being spoke his beliefs in a free country. Get a hobby, and hopefully something other than journalism considering you evidently aren’t very good at it.

  9. This is hilarious. Such poor journalism in an obvious attempt at slandering a high school teacher to gain some attention to push your agenda. I had Mr. Aabaan for Algebra 3/4 couple years ago and I found no harm in his class. Sure, he gets off topic, but the connections in this were absolutely ridiculous. Like how much of a scumbag human piece of useless trash do you have to be to make an article like this and make connections to the Colorado Aurora theatre simply because he went to this highschool? This is so enraging to hear and is almost as foofy as the time that one girl cried to the news that she was being “bullied” and got on air just for some attention. The ignorance of some people and their blind support for ideologies and blind patriotism over facts is astounding. Such malarkey.

  10. This is truly pathetic. As an avid Trump supporter, ROTC Cadet, and politically active student, I have never seen a more slanderous article. Not only am I in the video that was taken, but I argue with Mr. Aabaan about politics everyday tactfully and independently. We have debates about liberal and conservative views and he is an incredibly accepting person. He is one of the most intelligent and politically informed teachers I have met and you idiots somehow associate a mass murderer with his teaching. Words cannot describe how unintelligent, radical, and wretched this website is.

    Also, Mr. Aabaan is the head of the Student Secular Society he does not support any religion and he has every right to visit his home country of Iran. I think he should have the ability to discuss a problem currently at our school, because I have witnessed first hand discrimination towards the religion of Islam. His analogy used about ISIS is on point, how are some Trump supports any different from ISIS if they want to kill muslims?

    The partisanship we have in our country currently is ridiculous and you people are only worsening and you are also giving a bad name to republicans and all other conservatives as well. Your arrogance and belief perseverance is rather embarrassing and I suggest you find a new hobby other than this pathetic excuse for journalism. Judging from the amount of posts you are able to publish you are most likely an unemployed pitiful person who has nothing better to do than attack high school teachers.

  11. Mr.Abaan was my math teacher. I don’t think he’s saying anything wrong. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to talk about politics in class, esp that he is not a political science teacher, but he isn’t saying anything wrong other than the truth! Once Trump became the president we started seeing many hate crimes toward the muslims and even Jews, and it’s true how are these crimes different from what ISIS are doing? He is educating these kids! Showing them that to never stereotype ….

  12. My daughter attends this school and I just called out of concern. There has been no statement, the secretary was aware of the video and knew exactly what I was concerned about. She took my name/phone# and told me someone will contact me later.

      • Yo, big money, please stop harassing my school, I went to WV some time in the past and had Mr. Aaban. He is one of the affable teachers that I had, even if he did more than occasionally get off topic. I don’t mean to insinuate that you’re racist or anything for assuming he’s Muslim because of his middle eastern decent, but Aaban is Agnostic not Muslim, last time I talked to him at least. Like I said, it has been a few years. He also started teaching after Holmes graduated, if I’m not mistaken.

  13. This article is ridiculous. It is clear that you are just trying to get your name out there by not only making Mr. Aaban look bad but degrading a blue ribbon school. I was in multiple math classes where he was my teacher. He would get off topic at times but he is not a bad person. For you to make assumptions and demean him is appalling. To also add to your hatred I am a Trump supporter and I support Mr. Aaban because this article is an exaggeration.

  14. You’re obviously pushing a political agenda and your whole fearmonggering bit with James Holmes? Please, this is a pathetic guise for your agenda. I had Aaban as a teacher in sophomore year for Algebra 3/4 (mind you, I’m a senior now.) and he actually was a decent teacher. He was very quirky and sometimes went on tangents but i appreciate personality in my teacher. He also helped get me ahead of the game in AFA by teaching us stuff from it.
    Also, there were a LOT of racist undertones in this post and it is OBVIOUS that you are just a flaming mad trump supporter who can’t handle differing views. Stop harrassing the Westview staff. As a retail worker who can relate to being harrassed, people will be LESS willing to help you when you are insistent, rude, and argumentative. Get over yourself and stop with this demonizing through coincidences. I thought this article would be worth the read but it was fodder.

  15. People who actually think this man is a racist bigot is beyond stupid. He never said anything racist. For all of you who keep saying that he practices “Muslim” that is incorrect, you can’t practice being a Muslim. He was born a Muslim and his family believes in Islam. Muslim=the people of Islam. Islam=religion. This is like saying “I practice Jewish”. I am not saying he is right for telling these kids trump is bad but I believe most of the things he said is true although he shouldn’t say it in a classroom. Not all of Iran is raping and killing everyone. The person who posted this and the followers seem to be the islamaphobes and racist assholes who yell at other races to get out of our county.

  16. I had this teacher last year and he is no threat to students. He is not the best teacher on campus and although he may get off track and share some opinions that are not supposed to be shared in a classroom, he is no harm at all. There are other things going on in this country that we should be worried about over a teacher that feels the need to share his opinions. (Free speech?)

  17. Yeah, That video is a year old. So that’s a great excuse to allow Islamic & the Iranian discussions in math class by a guy that is directly related. Yet, You call someone an idiot? You are the definition of idiot !

  18. You are an idiot. U endanger student’s lives by putting the school’s name in your article. You sound very uneducated in general and seems like you have a lot of time on your hands which you like to spend looking for trouble where there is none. You role people up for fun. The video is over a year old now. You are an IDIOT!

  19. I am truly DISGUSTED by this Individual that happens to be a SCHOOL TEACHER here in San Diego! He is a Disgrace to OUR community and a DISGRACE to OUR MILITARY!!!!! #GODSPEEDPLEASE!

  20. What say you CHUCKLES THE CLOWN? (AKA: Jerry) We all KNOW who you ARE! You ARE a DISGRACE to our STATE and COUNTRY! …. look see! I just put several ….On what you have to say! ………………………………………There you go! That is a representation of what you have contributed to the State of California and the Legal Individuals that live here! STEP the HELL OUT OF OFFICE! IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO RESIGN!

  21. Kevin, Maybe you can gather up 4 or 5 white Christian girls & do a test for us? Guarantee it will not be good!! An American cant even enter that country without a 24/7 guide. The usa doesn’t recommend anyone to travel to that country. Infact there is a US travel warning for Iran. Are they racist??? I say let your wife go & get us the story.

  22. Hello, I work with NBC news. Are you the owner of the video? or do you know who shot it so we can contact them?Thank you-

    • I’m sorry, i don’t know who recorded it. I came across the video online. This is indeed Westview High School though, and the teacher is Shaan Aabaan. Please air this video and expose this teacher, parents have a right to know!

      • OMG… are you serious?
        You stole the video from online and posted it publicly? Lady you can get into big trouble.

  23. First of all I dont agree with Mr Aabaan for using his mathematics classroom to express his political rant, and as a public employee he should remain neutral in his views, especially in front of his students. Here are a few points he made from this speech that looks like before the election.

    0:23 “… yeah there are plenty of other candidates I dont like either, but I am not talking about them, but what he (Trump) says, could end up resulting in violence, could end up resulting in bullying… Yeah I am going to say something about that…”

    0:38 “Oh by the way in case you didnt hear what he said yesterday, he said.. he thinks we should completely shut the country down for anybody who has ever had any association with Islam, of any sort. That means somebody like me, who has been US Citizen for longer than you guys have been alive, if I go to Iran this summer like I did last summer, and I want to come back, if we had Mr Trump’s way, I could not get back in the country. Now what exactly has been my crimes? Oh yeah, I’ve been born a muslim.”

    1:06 “You want somebody like this for president?
    A student raises his hand, and makes a comment “Trump won’t be in office next summer if he’s elected”.
    Mr Aabaan replies, “He’s not gonna get elected president. {Interrupted by student} “What I am worried about… and this is exactly what I said to Mr Liu and he completely agrees… What I am worried about… What I am worried about… is those… the worst… of the… racist bigots scum in this country, who were living under a rock until Donald Trump came around, now they have a voice.”

    Then he talks about people in Trump rallies who talked about going to France to kill all muslims and asks a question that how is that behavior any different fthan ISIS. He continues to mention that he’s an AGNOSTIC. He has no love for any religion but he was born a muslim.

    So my question to all you people, and specially to the person who’s on the band wagon of this blog,

    How in the hell does this prove that Aabaan taught Holmes to mass murder people? Holmes saw his parents, neighbors even more than his one period teacher, could they have enticed him?

    Perhaps you are an Islamophobe, yourself. You are one of those uneducated people that can’t distinguish between ISIS, Taliban and rest of the 1.6 billion muslims. Do you know any muslims? Have you ever been to any muslim homes? Do you think the entire population of muslims are terrorists?

    Then I was amazed to see the comments to you blog, and I clearly saw the majority were just like you, Islamophobes.

    This one person DeplorableP writes, “If he wants to discuss facts of Iran. He should tell the class that not only are they not welcome in iran. The people of that country would cut the necks off of everyone in that classroom & do it with pride. The females would first be raped.”

    Just WOW!!! You think every woman is raped in Iran??? I am so speechless on your ignorance.

    Overall, I am disgusted that people in a wealthy part of San Diego can be so ignorant and Islamophobic when the guy in question isn’t even a practicing muslim. He’s an AGNOSTIC. All he’s talking about is Trump’s policies of hate, which got him elected as President.

  24. Great follow-up and dont stop. I also left a message and asked for a call back. It disgusted me to watch this man preaching to these children this way. He should be telling those girls if they even tried to walk the streets of iran not only would they be raped but also slaughtered. Disgusting!

  25. Everyone should know the entire story before passing judgment, many teachers taught James Holmes. This gentleman is a very kind caring person and treats all of his students and other staff members with respect and kindness. People calling the school and threatening the staff not just this teacher are worse than this man could ever be. The staff at this school have been yelled at, cursed at and threatened over the phone. Nothing this teacher says is terrorist, it’s what you want to believe he is saying because you are paranoid and racist yourself.

    • 1st Yes James Holmes had many teachers, I never said he didn’t.
      2nd The video and student reviews do not show a respectful man.
      3rd I have not threatened, yelled or cursed at anyone.
      4th What leads me to believe he could be a terrorist are HIS words he says in this video. Not “what I want to believe” as you claim.
      5th I’m not racist, but nice try. Typical comment from a snowflake.

      • Actually you have and we have it recorded, you are rude and disrespectful and crude.

      • Actually, no I haven’t. It’s funny you would rather make up lies and defend the teacher, instead of addressing the problem. Why is this teacher still teaching after students have expressed fear? Why is he still teaching when he lied to students, downed their parents, compared our President and supporters to ISIS? This guy should not be teaching, the video and reviews prove that.

      • You’re are racist! Put yourself in his shoes and see what is u go to visit your family and u can’t return? You are so selfish and immature, also I don’t see anything from what u written above in the video! He’s only saying do not disrespect anyone on this campus just because they believe in a different religion or came from a different background! That’s all he said in the video!
        I’ll do my bes and make sure that he gets an apology from you and th school will make you do it! Now, this is what your president taught u to spread the hate! Exactly what Mr.Aabaan was saying. I had him for AFA and he helped me a lot! He’s teaching the kids and benefiting this country! Tell me what are you doing! Yes you did threat the school and I’ve heard this from students and teachers.

    • Why is he discussing Politics in a math class first? Second he has no right to preach his beliefs to anyone. If he wants to discuss facts of Iran. He should tell the class that not only are they not welcome in iran. The people of that country would cut the necks off of everyone in that classroom & do it with pride. The females would first be raped. You should listen to his words more closely lady!

  26. Contact the media news stations , get him removed from teaching! He is a communist imposing his beliefs on the students!!!

  27. We the people want this racist begat scum teacher to never be in a class room with our children period now fire this trash. out of this country me is not American in spirit or in heart and soul.

  28. “Obama was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” Be vigilant and do not let the Soros, Obama’s, and Clinton’s of this world commit treason and sedition. Home school your children or send them to private schools to keep them out of the hands of the Marxist and progressive socialists and Islamist’s that are now controlling the education system, send them to a trade school, while the traitorous racist scum are cleaned out of the school system.

      • Let me know where and what I have to do. He should not only be fired he should be in jail. My daughter had him in class and confirms ALL the reports.

      • Simon, I suggest talking with other parents who have children that attend this school. Please make sure they are aware of what is going on in the classroom. I also suggest talking with the police. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Good luck

      • You were doing great work with this article until you suggested that shaan aabban programmed James Holmes to become a mass murderer. It’s too bad you went down this road because it TOTALLY discredits all the other true points you bring up. Shaan aabban is a terrible teacher, he’s a neurotic POS, he’s been transferred from schools multiple times because he’s a total train wreck of a teacher. He shouldn’t be educating students, he doesn’t teach them much math, constantly going off on politics. You were doing a great job with this article until you jumped off the James Holmes bridge. Drop the James Holmes part and this article is as true as it gets. The fact that you went to James Holmes discredits all your other superb work, too bad.

      • Looks like the teacher himself is responding to the post. He’s spewing his hate in a math class and that’s not an issue? Yet, The country he’s preaching about is the worlds leading sponsor of terrorism. Fuck Him!! He needs to stick to math or take his preaching to a crowd that can respond to his message of hate.

  29. Unprofessional. Even if he wasn’t telling lies (e.g. him, a U.S. citizen, being affected by the travel ban), teachers have no right to be talking politics one way or the other. That’s not their job.

    • I do agree! Teachers are suspposed to be teaching what is written in the textbooks as outlined in the curriculum unless the subject is current events.

    • As a teacher I am very concerned. In the 2014 gubernatorial election my students wanted to know who I was voting for. I wouldn’t even tell them. While it is my right to vote as I see fit, it is not my place to sway a student’s political opinions. I also, as an educator, would be upset that my child who is supposed to be learning math spent that much time devoted to politics. That is what current events is for.

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