Zack Ruhl, Crossfit Trainer with no legs, Inspires others

Zack Ruhl, 26 year old, inspirational crossfit trainer, was born with a deformity which led to having both legs amputated at the age of two.

Zack’s mother,  Cheryl Corbello, says “I told him he could be anything he wanted to be. I didn’t care what people told him, no, we are going to find another way to tell him yes.”

She continued, “I would never just give him his baby bottle; he’d have to crawl in his body cast. Whenever he asked me to leave stuff down on the cabinets for him, where he doesn’t have to reach up  for nothing and I told him no. I am not gonna be here forever. You’re gonna have to learn to do things yourself.”

Zack says that’s what made him who he is today.

Zack started playing sports and lifting weights in junior high school. His Freshman year he was 3rd place in bench pressing. His Sophomore year he stayed at first place until he graduated. Zack bench presses 420 pounds.

Zack now has his own gym and trains other amputees for free.

Zack says, “Anybody who has ever  told me I couldn’t do something, I proved them wrong in anything.”

“The one word you cannot use in my gym is “can’t” That’s out of your vocabulary as soon as you come in here.”

Zack Ruhl’s Bio

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