Project Veritas #CNNLeaks Discovery

Image Credit: Josh Hallett
Image Credit: Josh Hallett

If you are unfamiliar with #CNNLeaks, please see my previous story: The End of CNN

In the first discovery from the #CNNLeaks released by Project Veritas, a CNN Staffer is talking about reporting a story and says  “So you can just, you know, play with it. That’s what most people do…”

This is the first of the discoveries, and I’m sure it will be followed with many more.

It’s amusing how CNN gets so offended when Mr. Trump calls them fake news…But that’s exactly what they are!

According to Project Veritas the discovery was in Clip: 008T_061709_1518.mp3

#CNNLeasks Part 1

#CNNLeaks Part 2

#CNNLeaks Discoveries




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