#CNNLeaks Part 2 Released by Project Veritas

Image Credit: Josh Hallett
Image Credit: Josh Hallett

Yesterday James O’Keefe released the second set of audio tapes from inside CNN. This brings it to over 200 hours of unedited audio. Just as we did with Wikileaks, we are to go through the information provided, and find the important stuff. Deplorables have been on this for a couple of days now. Some have already found info in the audio, but there is so much to go through, that we must keep listening. James O’Keefe gave us the info, now it’s up to us to go through it. I encourage everyone to listen to the audio and see what you can find. Think about this, we have over 200 hours of uncut audio from the most corrupt news station there is. 200 hours! There has got to be some important stuff hidden in the audio. lets get to work finding it!

CNNLeaks Part 2

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