Over 70 Child Sexual Assault Cases Went Unattended in Ohio

Image Credit: Karen Neoh
Image Credit: Karen Neoh

At least 74 child sexual assault cases went unattended in Ohio. New prosecutor, Michael O’Malley says in his 2nd week in office, he heard reports from the juvenile division about sexual assault cases that were left unattended. No one was ever charged, and some cases were left unattended for years. No one was held accountable and victims have not got justice. O’Malley demands an apology and is trying to clean up this mess. He says under his watch no cases will fall through the cracks. Three employees resigned, and four more were disciplined with demotions and suspensions. Cleveland.com reports that some of the victims were as young as 3 years old. And that some of the suspects admitted to the
crimes, or later committed another crime. They also reported that O’Malley stated he does not believe the former Prosecutor knew about the cases. “This has nothing to do with the previous administration, other than the fact that you have a Juvenile Chief who apparently failed in his duties as well as somebody who was in charge of that intake unit who failed in their duties,” O’Malley said. Other than the juvenile cases, there were 1,900 more cases that were placed on an inactive list, which O’Malley says amounts to a “do nothing list.” These crimes included aggravated batteries and additional sexual assault cases. O’Malley says files came in the office, reports from police with intent to charge people, but no one ever got charged.They just stayed on that list.

Hopefully everyone involved with letting these cases slip through the cracks will be disciplined. We are hearing more and more about people in power, allowing children to be hurt, and some even hurting children. It is time to start making an example out of
these people. Cases like this are reasons to not dismiss pizzagate as “fake news.” We are seeing more and more busts being made on pedophiles. I believe it’s only a matter of time before those involved in pizzagate will be busted as well.



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