Adoption Agency in Ohio gets Raided

Image Credit: astronomy_blog
Image Credit: astronomy_blog

On Tuesday, Feb. 14th, the FBI raided European Adoption Consultants, in Strongsville Ohio. Two search warrants were served; one at the adoption agency and one at the founder, Margaret Cole’s home. Back in December EAC was temporarily debarred, for a number of violations, including neglect, failure, and inability to supervise to make sure children were not sold.

According to the State Department’s website:
“EAC failed to adequately supervise its providers in foreign countries to ensure that they complied with the laws of the country in which they operated, and that they did not engage in practices inconsistent with the principles of furthering the best interests of the child and preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children. The failure to provide adequate supervision contributed to many of the violations described above.”

See all violations here:
Notice: European Adoption Consultants, Inc. Temporarily Debarred

According to a spokeswoman for the FBI said the investigation is ongoing and court filings are sealed.

EAC is an international adoption agency, that was founded by Margaret Cole in 1991. After Cole lost her 6 week old baby to sudden infant death, she attempted to adopt a child. On Cole’s website it claims that she was scammed by the adoption agency, and this is what made her start her own. Her Mother says she remembers Margaret walking into their farmhouse and announcing that she was going to start her own adoption agency and do it the right way.  Apparently her idea of the right way does not include following the laws. Margaret’s original goal was to help at least 30 parents adopt children, and one or two for herself. She has since adopted two children of her own.  According the the State Department website, EAC operates adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Honduras, India, Panama, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ukraine.

I will update you on this story as more information is released. Please share and help spread awareness. If stuff like this is happening, no one should doubt  pizzagate. Or maybe this is part of pizzagate? Time will tell.

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