Anti Trump Protesters Knock Man out at PDX Airport


Anti Trump protesters gathered at PDX airport, in Portland, OR, to protest President Trump’s 90 day ban, on refugees from 7 countries. Protesters held signs that said, “Welcome Refugees,” “No human begin is illegal,” “No ban. No Wall.” Protesters chanted things such as, “NO fear. No hate,” “He will not divide us” “Peaceful protest.”

All while 4 men were being surrounded by at least 150 people, outside of the airport. Anti Trump protesters yelled several different things at the men, including “Fuck off Nazi scum” inches away from their faces. After at least 5 minuets of being blocked by the protesters, the men attempted to walk through them.

Many of the protesters ran after the men,  pushing them as they were walking into the airport. The men tried to get away from the protesters, but the protesters ran up and one, punched one of the men, knocking him out. One of the men, jumped over his friends body, and looked as if he was trying guard him from the protesters attacking him a second time.  The protesters surrounded the men again, and continued to yell at them. Airport Attendants and the men tried to help their friend,  as these violent protesters tried to prevent them from doing so. As the guy is laying on the ground, a protester yelled at the men,”Your boy got knocked out! That’s right!” The same man also yelled “That’s right Nazi boy!” While a woman was trying to help the man, and he seemed to be regaining consciousness.
These people show no compassion, no morals, no love. They did not even care if this man was OK or not.
They stood around taking pictures and video recording the man, as he lay there. Some protesters even continued to try to attack the men, even after one is knocked out and police were standing right there.
Even after the riot police came in, protesters continued to try block the way, and yelled at the police,”Who do you protect?” My answer would be, the victim on the ground who was just attacked! You see, the police protect the innocent, the victims, NOT the criminals. That’s what these protesters are failing to realize. I guess they think Obama is still in charge. No fear, attacking people, recording it, and than posting it to social media. You all were laughing today, but I’m sure us Deplorables will have our turn, while you all are rotting in jail.




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