Over 200 Inauguration Rioters Arrested and Charged

Over the weekend, Inauguration protesters blocked streets, attacked Trump supporters, set a limousine and other things on fire, broke out windows in stores, and Threw rocks and bricks at police officers. 6 Police Officers were hurt. Some Trump supporters were beaten bloody.
This all, after the protesters had been warned they would be arrest if they followed through with their plans.

Days before the Inauguration, Project Veritas revealed the plans of  a group called DisruptJ20, which included terrorist acts. James O’Keefe and the staff at Project Veritas alerted authorities with their evidence. DisruptJ20 knew they were caught on tape, and would be arrested if they carried through with their plan. They were warned, but yet they still did it.
I am happy to report that 217 people have been arrested and some face felony rioting charges. Lets hope these rioters will be made an example of. I am tired of seeing our streets taken over by people who want to continue to divide us, and destroy our streets. We have been dealing with this for way too long. It is time for some law and order!

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