Madonna Claims Threat to Blow up the White House was a Metaphor

Madonna reaches out via Instagram to defend her thoughts of blowing up the White House. Madonna claims that her words were taken “wildly out of context.” While Madonna claims she was speaking in metaphor, her exact words were “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Madonna also writes that she is not a violent person and speaks about love and cheer.

Here’s my problem with this. First, she threatened the POTUS. If this were anyone else, they would be arrested. Second, She threatened the POTUS in a crowed, and while on live TV. So now, not only is she threatening the POTUS, but she is inciting others to do so.
Third, Madonna is unstable, and obviously thinks she’s above the law. Last year during one of Madonna’s concerts, she pulled a 17 year girl on stage, described her as “The kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass,” slaps her behind, then pulls down the young girls top, exposing her breast. Back in Oct. Madonna offered Blow Jobs for votes for Hillary Clinton. Is this woman free to do whatever she wants, regardless of our laws?
Lastly, Madonna wrote about love and cheer on her Instagram, are you kidding me? The Women’s March was nothing about love nor cheer! These were crazy women, some dressed like vaginas while bashing men and screaming hateful words. Furthermore, if you were pro life, or a conservative woman, you were not allowed to participate in their march. These women kicked out a 13 year old girl from the march because she was wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Real loving right?

Since Madonna’s threat to blow up the White House, many are demanding she be arrested. #ArrestMadonna is all over social media, and the video has been tweeted to the Secret Service and FBI. A Spokesman for the Secret Service has reportedly said they will be opening an investigation. I will update you as soon as more information is available.




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