Conservative Women Respond to Liberal Women’s March

Image Credit: Becker1999
Image Credit: Becker1999
Image Credit: Becker1999
Image Credit: Becker1999

Celebrities and thousands of women gathered together in Washington D.C. this past weekend, for an Anti Trump, Women’s March.

Women held signs that read:
“Stop the war on women”
“Pussy grabs back”
“Hands off my vagina”
“No, you make me a sandwich”
“Girls just wana have fundamental human rights”
“I’m with her”
And the most disturbing of all little girls with signs that say “Don’t touch the pussy.”
Women, some dressed as vaginas, gathered in the streets as they made threats, bashed men, and left a mess of trash behind, all while subjecting their children to this ridiculous behavior.

Meanwhile, conservative women, and just women with common sense are questioning what exactly this protest is about? What rights do we as women, not have? And furthermore, why in the world would you subject your children to this? I seen a sign that said something about being a strong woman. You women, are not strong women. You are throwing a fit, because you didn’t get your way. Just because you dislike our President, who I can bet you have never once took the time to learn about. I wonder if half of you women even voted. You see, us Patriots, women included already had our march. Nov. 8th 2016, we marched right to the voting booths and elected Donald J. Trump as our President. We were successful in our march. Much more so than you ever will be in your pathetic march. Instead of crying about “women’s rights” which we have btw, why don’t you fight for something worth fighting for? Fight for women who really are oppressed in other countries. Fight for children. Fight for the homeless. Fight the corruption in the world. But do not fight something you haven’t even given a chance. 1 day after Mr. Trump was sworn in, you ladies hit the streets with your little tantrum. It’s ridiculous. Grow up. Be an example. Be strong. Be a voice that’s worth being heard. Be a role model. Be part of the solution, and stop causing problems. Oh, and one last thing, have some damn manners! My children know better then to throw their trash on the ground, you sure as hell should too! But luckily, Trump supporters cleaned up your mess for you. Because you see, we truly are trying to make this world a better place.

Here’s what a few people who were NOT involved in the march had to say:







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