Project Veritas brings us the latest Developments in #DisruptJ20 Plot to Shutdown Presidential Inauguration

Today Project Veritas released a video with updates on Disrupt J20, and it’s good news! Project Veritas’s Attorney met with the Terrorism Task Force Detective and the Representative from US Attorney’s Office.

They are looking at the full footage, investigating and analyzing the video tapes and batches of emails sent by Project Veritas.

The Deploraball organizers informed James O’Keefe that some of the protesters were signed up to be at the Deplorablall. The organizers of the Deploraball have refunded their tickets and filed restraining orders and civil charges against the organizers of Disrupt J20.

Since the videos have been released, there are reports that Disrupt J20 has scaled back their plans.

Project Veritas has helped expose crooked people over and over again, now it’s our turn to help get the word out! These videos are not getting enough exposure, not even close! In this video James O’Keefe asks for our help getting this out, “Will CNN and Fox News put it on TV? That’s your job! Tweet this out, tweet at all the anchors and ask them to play this footage, which is being reviewed by the FBI, the Secret Service and Counter-Terrorism as I speak. Lets get this on television. Lets try to protect people tomorrow and Friday.”
Alright Deplorables, get to it!

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