Mother Of Idaho Girl Raped By Refugees, Speaks Out

A few months back, I read a story about a 5 year old girl in Twin Falls Idaho that was raped by 3 refugee boys. The media was not covering this story, but in fact trying to cover it up. Snopes claimed this story was “Mostly false”. I and many others believed it was true. After searching for answers, I came across the victim’s mother.

The victim’s mother tells me the 3 refugee boys raped her daughter orally and anally, on June 2nd 2016.
After the incident happened, the boys father high-fived the children and the mother begged the victims mother not to call the police. The boys 10, and 13 were arrested and released after only 8 days in juvenile hall. The youngest, a 7 year old was never arrested because he was “too young to go to juvenile hall.”

The victim’s mother tells me, the boys are refugees from Iraq and Syria, and that Twin Falls has brought in several refugees, and they are continuing to do so.

I found a video of the Twin Falls, Idaho City Council meeting online, where a lot of concerned citizens had questions about the refugees be brought into Twin Falls, Idaho.

One man said,

“Isis is here, the Muslim brotherhood is here. There have been violations already here, and it needs to be addressed.”

A concerned woman said,

“I know what the Islamic influence that has been creeping into twin falls has also done. I am close friends with someone who got spit on in Winco by Islamic women, and told her God was nothing , that Allah was everything and to me that’s a serious offense. Additionally there have been hit and runs that obviously you heard about in the news, also by Islamic people, and many other incidents from small to larger. I also have heard about a minor who was attacked in this community. I have young people of my own that I would like to keep safe, a college age daughter that I would like to keep safe, and I don’t feel like I can at this point.”

Another woman had a list questions and asked,

“Are you aware that there’s a lot of pornography on foreigner web pages in twin falls, that’s child pornography?“
“Do we know how many additional refugees twin falls has received beyond the abstract of 300?”
“Do we know why the mosque received a permit in a day?”

She then brought up a meeting that was held last February in regards to bringing in refugees. She says,

“It was a unanimously vote when in fact the majority stood up and said no we can’t support this as a community.”

But yet, they still brought in refugees with no concern for their own citizens.

Another man asked,

“There’s a lot of concern among citizens about refugee resettlement, I mean that’s undeniable we’re concerned, what’s Twin falls city doing about these concerns because there are people who are legitimately scared?”

They gave no answers to these questions and seemed to be playing dumb, suggesting they had not heard about the case of the little girl being raped, and even that it might not be true. A concerned citizen even brought the local newspaper, showing the story, but they weren’t interested in it. One of the councilman even had the nerve to claim they were being disrespected by the citizens. A child was raped, and they’re going to cry that they’re being disrespected just because concerned citizens are demanding answers? It doesn’t sound like they’re concerned for the citizens of Twin Falls one bit.

The family has since moved from the apartments, where they were neighbors with the refugee families. But as you can imagine, are still going through a difficult time. The victim still has night terrors and the mother tells me, “I’m a wreck.” She says, “Last court hearing we all stood up and introduced ourselves. The rapists have victims services and we don’t…and they’re calling them victims now as well. It was so messed up.”  I don’t understand how a rapist would be considered a victim, and the fact they would provide services to refugees who committed a very serious crime, over an American who was victimized is absolutely insane! Is this what our Country is coming too?

Refugees before Americans? Statistics show over 3 million American children have been molested. Over 683,000 American women have been raped.  On average, in America, there are 117 suicides per day,  22 of them a day, are Veterans.

There are over a million homeless Americans sleeping on the streets, in which over 49,ooo are Veterans.  The victim’s mother tells me that some companies in Twin Falls Idaho are only hiring refugees. She says, mainly Chobani, a Greek Yogurt plant, but yet statics show, we have over 7 million American people out of work.

Why are victim services and jobs provided for criminals and refugees, but not for actual victims or the American people, who need help? Not only that, but why are we bringing in people that their beliefs do not mix with our Constitutional values?

Have we not learned anything from other Countries who have taken in refugees? This is Obama’s America, and if you vote Hillary, you are voting for more of this all over America. Say no to Obama and Hillary’s America, and vote to make America great again!

The family is still going through court and sentencing will be in December. Between moving, and the lawyer fees, this family is really struggling. If anyone would like to donate, their GoFundMe link is posted below.

Please share this article. The family would like for Mr. Trump to hear their story. They are supporters and have already voted for him in Idaho.


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